Our commitment : Protect the most fragile, life.

In the race for efficiency and reliability, Noroit can count on its skilled team!

Our professionalism and our know-how enable us to quickly submit and further deliver a solution that is adapted to our client’s needs.

Noroit employs 20 people, composed of business, R&D, quality and production units.
The human being is in the heart of our customer relationship and within every technological design.
Thought our projects in industry, research or in the hospital sector, we always promote ergonomics and very secure solutions.

These core values influence our daily decisions:

  • Innovation and quality:
    Product development is completely in-house ensured.
    The final control is performed by highly skilled engineers.
  • Understanding and communicating:
    Each client is unique with specific needs relating to the technical constraints of the project, the applicable standards and the working environment. The first step is to fully understand our client’s needs and offer a detailed and versatile solution, guaranteeing an optimal result.