Our commitment : Protect the most fragile, life.

Class II Safety Cabinet and changing station – Anilis

The Anilis range of biosafety cabinets and changing stations is especially designed to strongly protect the zootechnicians and the manipulated rodents during the whole process of bedding replacement.


Optimal protection of the animals, the user and the environment:

  • Soiled litter disposal and replacement,
  • Manipulation of contamined rodents.

Technical Specifications

  • Available in 2 sizes:  1500 et 1200 mm,
  • Complies with the EN 12469 standard,
  • HEPA filtration, 99.999% efficiency, for downflow and exhaust filters,
  • Laminar filtered airflow : 0.40 meter/sec, exhaust rate > 35%,
  • Powerful front air barrier ensuring an absolute protection to the user,
  • Microprocessor controlled.


  • The 10º angle of the front window creates a comfortable working position.
  • Two different working positions: 22 cm front opening, for biosafety cabinet and use; 30 cm front opening, dedicated to cage changing.
  • Control pedals for opening or to closing the window,
  • Prefilter cartridges installed below the work tray : to reduce clogging of the absolute filters. Can be replaced by the user, no tools needed.
  • The light wings, installed on both side and no frame around the window, gives a clear and optimum view of the manipulation.
  • The “Twist and Clean©” patented design is very useful to clean the front window: simply open out the ‘wings’ of the unit and pivot the front window on its horizontal base, to clean it comfortably,
  • The work tray is bowl shaped,
  • Chamber and work tray made of 304L brushed stainless steel,
  • 3 linear electric axes are used to position the unit to the required height.


Anilis can fit in any existing laboratories, and offers numerous options, to meet your requirements.

  • Additional electrical outlets,
  • UV-germicide decontamination,
  • Hour counter,
  • Fluid ports, vacuum tap and gas taps,
  • Cable tight ports,
  • Grid against swab suction,
  • Double Door Transfer Port, ø270mm or ø350mm.