Our commitment : Protect the most fragile, life.

Class II biological Safety cabinet with an integrated bio-decontamination system – Solis Premium  


Optimal protection

Solis Premium Class II safety cabinets are designed to protect the handling process, the operator and the environment when working with pathogens.

  • Comply fully with the EN12469-2000 standard
  • Highly efficient HEPA H14 filters (i.e. 99,999% of particles > 0.3 µm)
  • Double ventilation
  • Airflows direct measurement by anemometers
  • Visual and audible alarms
  • UPS: the device ensuring the correct operation of the safety cabinet in the event of a power failure

Comfort while working

  • Electric front window ; The 10° angle of the front window enables a comfortable working position
  • Complete access to the tank for completely disinfected
  • Transparent side windows for bright and opened environment
  • Patented design for cleaning the front window: Solis Twist & Clean®

Innovative and original design

Confortable posture, safe, complete cleaning

  • Monobloc work surface or autoclavable
  • LED strip, bright and smooth white light: avoid bothersome reflections
  • 2 electrical outlets

Advanced technology

  • Integrated hydrogen peroxide decontamination system, which ensures effective biocontamination control
  • Voice command
  • Touch screen highly intuitive: to adjust the brightness in the handling chamber, the duration of the UV cycle, the usage time, the status of the HEPA filters
  • Available applications: a calculator, a timer to control the electrical outlet, an integrated camera enabling handling to be filmed or photographed for educational purposes, saved and loaded on to a USB stick, an MP3 player to work in personalized conditions

Quality – made in Europe

  • Internal chamber in grade 304L stainless steel
  • Laminated safety glass


  • Fixed or adjustable base, with or without wheels
  • Electric base on wheels
  • Fluid ports and gas taps
  • Foot pedals to control the front window

Chemical protection (active carbon filter at the exhaust, active carbon filter in the air recirculation network) ; Biological protection