Our commitment : Protect the most fragile, life.

Class II Safety Cabinets for liquid handling or cytometry applications – H.Box

H-Box: protect your samples, your staff and the environment. Safety first!

Fully customized to suit your needs, the H-Box is a bespoke Class II Safety Cabinet designed to accommodate robotic equipment used in liquid handling or cell sorting applications, involving pathogenic or transgenic cells.
The H-Box is a large-sized cabinet that can fit around any existing laboratory equipment.
The H-Box Class II Cabinets are essential equipment in flow cytometry platforms, in screening and diagnosis laboratories.


The H-Box protects the manipulations, the operators and the environment by means of the H14 absolute filters and by creating an air barrier at the front edge of the work tray.

Especially dedicated to:

  • Liquid handling automats, cell culture equipment, flow cytometers,
  • Weighting station, (0.1 µg accuracy, thanks to its exclusive and sturdy design).
  • Screening laboratories,
  • Cytometry platforms,
  • Diagnosis or proteomic laboratories,
  • Cell biology research centers,
  • Pharma industry, etc.

Technical Specifications

The H-Box construction is based on that of a type II safety cabinet and complies with the EN12469 requirements for the operator’s safety:

  • Front air intake > 0.45 meter/sec,
  • Exhaust rate > 35%,
  • Lighting > 750 lux, on the working surface,
  • Depression compartment for liquid and solid waste,
  • Chemical filtration for DMSO, formaldehyde, formic acid, etc.
  • Openings and transfer ports on the side panels,
  • UV decontamination kit.


  • Electrical socket,
  • UV germicide tubes,
  • Front closure panel,
  • Articulated arm dedicated to a keyboard and LCD screen,
  • Active carbon exhaust filtering.