Our commitment : Protect the most fragile, life.

Isolators for Laboratory Animal Research – I.Box zoo

I-Box zoo: handle your mice with gloves!

I-Box zoo isolators are very versatile equipment, dedicated to rodents breeding and research applications.


  • Hard body made of PMMA or soft canopy,
  • Input – output via Double Door Transfer Port,
  • 2, 3 or 4 gloves in a linear position or facing each other,
  • Stacked isolators, on an adjustable electrical stand, to reduce the footprint,
  • Flexible tight ports to connect to the Solis class II Safety Cabinet,
  • Monitoring available: airflow, temperature, hygrometry, nitrogen rate, etc.

Innovative design

Very intuitive design, because ease of use also means safety:

  • User friendly keyboard, conveniently located at eye level,

The ergonomic design simplifies your daily tasks:

  • The chamber is fully transparent, meaning the user is working in natural light,
  • The angled front window creates a natural working position for the user,
  • The wide shoulder ports give an easy access to every part of the chamber.