Our commitment : Protect the most fragile, life.

Laminar Air Flow Modules – P.Box

P-Box: optimal protection, very flexible equipment.

P-Box Laminar Air Flow Modules can create an ISO 5 to ISO 7 environment, with flexible size and shape configurations.
P-Box Modules are a simpler and cost effective alternative to classical clean rooms!


P-Box Laminar Air Flow Modules create a clean, dust free environment, for industrial purposes, with flexible size and shape configurations. The delivered air cleanliness spans from ISO7 up to ISO 5.

Technical specifications

  • 0.40 meter/sec laminar airflow velocity inside the manipulation chamber,
  • The airflow velocity is displayed, in meter/sec,
  • Airflow alarms,
  • Equipped with flexible or rigid curtains,
  • Control panel mounted on the unit or independent,
  • Steel with polyester powder -coating or stainless steel.


Our commitment is to fully meet your requirements, to provide high quality equipment and expected performances.

  • Control panel mounted on the unit or independent, 
  • Electrical outlets,
  • Hour counter,
  • Castors,
  • Installation Qualification IQ,
  • Operational Qualification OQ.



The P-Box Laminar Air Flow Modules are used in industrial environments:

  • Cosmetic industry,
  • High technology industry (electronics, optics, space, etc.),
  • Food industry,
  • Chemichal industry, etc.


Johnson Controls – Saft in Nersac (16)

“Johnson Controls – Saft took contact with Noroit in 2009, to design and produce a bespoke Laminar Vertical Airflow System, for the new product line of Li-Ion batteries, for hybrid vehicles. This System, located above the production line, protects the “coating” process against any outside particles, especially microscopic metallic chips.

Noroit rose to the challenges and responded with creativity and enthusiasm to these specific needs: the air cleanliness achieved on the production line now reaches an ISO 5 quality: less than 100 particles of 0.3µm by cubic foot!”

To know more with a French case study


SEDERMA, Le Perray en Yvelines (78)

” Noroit offered a very bespoke Laminar Airflow solution. That toppled the final solution in favor of a P-BOX Flow Module” says the Production Manager. “The Noroit’s R&D Department understood our needs and adapted the technical solution to the low ceiling room and to our working approach. Our specific requirements have been fully taken into account”.

To know more with a French case study