Our commitment : Protect the most fragile, life.

Class II Safety Cabinet – Solis Essentiel

Solis: optimum protection, comfort and more!

Solis ensures optimum protection for users, samples and environment.
The Solis Class II Safety Cabinet has been developed in conjunction with leading laboratory researchers and users.
The patented Solis Twist & Clean© design makes easy the cleaning of the internal side of the front window.


Absolute protection for users, samples and environment, while manipulating class 1 and 2 pathogenic samples.

Technical Specifications

  • Available in 4 sizes: 1800, 1500, 1200 et 900 mm,
  • Solis complies with the EN 12469 standard,
  • HEPA filtration, 99.999% efficiency, for downflow and exhaust filters,
  • Laminar filtered airflow : 0.40 meter/sec, exhaust rate > 35%,
  • Powerful front air barrier ensuring an absolute protection to the user,
  • Microprocessor controlled.


  • The 10º angle of the front window creates a comfortable working position.
  • The light wings, installed on both side and no frame around the window, gives a clear and optimum view of the manipulation.
  • The “Twist and Clean©” patented design is very useful to clean the front window: simply open out the ‘wings’ of the unit and pivot the front window on its horizontal base, to clean it comfortably.


Solis can fit in any existing laboratories, and offers numerous options, to meet your requirements.

  • Adjustable stand for different working heights,
  • Electrical adjustable stand,
  • Castors,
  • Additional electrical outlets,
  • Work bench in several parts,
  • UV-germicide decontamination,
  • Front window operated by foot pedals,
  • Fluid ports and gas taps,
  • Webcam,
  • Grid to prevent wipe suction,
  • Cable port,
  • Double Door Transfer Port, ø270mm or ø350mm.


Nantes Hospital (44):

“Featuring an exceptional ergonomic design, this cabinet enables a comfortable working sit position, head up. The light is bright and soft, the keyboard user friendly.”
The Solis Safety Cabinet enables “a strain-free work”, its use is so simple that “it seems like working on a bench!”.
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« Les Cordeliers » Research Center, Paris (75)

“The Solis Safety Cabinet is very easy to use” says Mr. Genser. “I did not know much about Safety Cabinets when I was engaged, but I spontaneously used it, without help. I remember, the Solis was in sleep mode, I just raised the window and started to work.”
To know more with a French case study


SEDERMA Cosmetic Industry, Le Perray en Yvelines (78)

The existing safety cabinet reached the end of its lives in 2014, in the Quality Control Department. Sederma thus decided to replace it and contacted Noroit. In comparison with the old unit, the Solis Safety Cabinet features” a much more ergonomic design and runs smoother”.“Cleaning is much easier, as the work tray is lighter”. The laboratory technician also says that” the lighting of the working volume is bright, the working position quite natural.”
To know more with a French case study