Our commitment : Protect the most fragile, life.

The Research and Development Department is at the heart of customer relationship and corporate social responsibility.

Noroit R&D engineers are highly skilled in this domain.
After a solid experience in leading French market multinational companies, encountering numerous varied applications in the field, they have gained an in-depth knowledge of the products and requirements set by the biomedical industry.
We can therefore develop a full range of products as well as personalized solution that is adapted to your needs.

In addition, Noroit is committed to eco – design: our products feature low consumption fans, fluo-compacts lamps and RoHs electronics. At installation, our engineers collect the plastic packaging and the transport pallets, to reuse it.
The production process is also based on the notion of ecology and sustainable development:

  • Low energy building production plant,
  • Recycling of 95% of production waste,
  • Collecting and treatment of 100% of chemical waste. Noroit is member of the « Click Eco » network,
  • Local subcontracting.